Participation Guidelines

TPMPC 2020 is happening online, and we strongly encourage you to participate in the event, with the goal of simulating the ideal face-to-face conference as much as possible.

Even though it cannot substitute for a physical TPMPC, it has some advantages such as environmental sustainability and climate change, diversity, inclusion and financial value.

You are asked to use the name you are known as in your professional work when participating in Zoom and Zulip. The code of conduct perfectly well applies in this virtual setting.

Schedule Structure

TPMPC 2020 is organized as an online workshop of 8 days over two weeks, with approximately 3 hours per day. Sessions consist of both invited and contributed talks, which will be either live talks or pre-recorded, followed by Q&A.

Zoom Webinar

The main sessions are held as a Zoom webinar, which anyone can attend without registration. Your microphone and video will be disabled, unless you are a speaker or organiser. You can ask a question with the built-in text Q&A feature, or by raising your hand until an organiser unmutes your microphone.

A live stream of the talks is also available on Youtube, however, this does not allow for Q&A. After agreement with the speakers, talks will be also be recorded and shared with the community through a YouTube channel.

We are conscious of security concerns on the Zoom platform, so if you wish you do not have to install Zoom software to attend a webinar, you can do it from your browser. Please check that your browser supports it in advance.

Zulip Chat

You are encouraged to sign up for the event’s Zulip Chat (a shared server with TPBC 2020), where we will hold both informal and technical discussions among attendees and speakers. We also aim to organise some social events here, to help foster interaction and recreate the atmosphere of a physical TPMPC.

Note that for Q&A during a talk, you should use the Q&A feature from the Zoom Webinar. We will try to copy any relevant discussion into the Zulip chat after the session ends.

Code of Conduct

The TPMPC Steering Committee is committed to providing an experience free of harassment and discrimination in its events, respecting the dignity of every participant.

Participants who violate this code may be sanctioned and/or expelled from the event, at the discretion of the Local Organizer(s). Any action will only be taken with the consent of the affected party subject to applicable laws.

If you experience harassment or discriminatory behavior at TPMPC, we encourage you to reach out to someone who could help. The following are available to you: the IACR Code of Conduct Liaison (Tal Rabin,, the Local Organizers, any member of the TPMPC Steering Committee.

If you witness harassment or discriminatory behavior, please consider intervening.