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TPMPC 2017 Program

The following program is preliminary. Times may change, and the titles of invited talks may also change.

Monday 3rd

 Time      Speaker  
 14.00      Benny Pinkas
 Recent advances in private set intersection
 15.00 Roberto Trifiletti  Implementing LEGO
 16.00      Coffee  
 16.30      Ran Cohen
 Round-Preserving Parallel Composition of Probabilistic-Termination Protocols
 17.00 Morten Dahl
 Private Data Aggregation on a Budget
 17.30     Mayank Varia  Design and Deployment of Usable, Scalable MPC
 18.00     Days End

Tuesday 4th

 09.00  Yuval Ishai  Secure Computation via Homomorphic Secret Sharing - I
 10.00     Elette Boyle
 Secure Computation via Homomorphic Secret Sharing - II
 11.00 Coffee
 11.30  Meilof Veeningen  Pinocchio-Based Adaptive zk-SNARKs, Secure Adaptive Function Evaluation and Privacy-Preserving Medical Research
 12.00  Adria Gascon
 Secure Linear Regression on Vertically Partitioned Datasets
 12.30  Lunch  
 14.00  Yehuda Lindell    
 High-Throughput Secure 3PC for Semi-Honest and Malicious Adversaries - Breaking the Billion-Gate per Second Barrier
 15.00     Muthu Venkitasubramaniam     On Composition in the Tamper Proof Hardware Model:  Constructions under Minimal Complexity
 16.00     Coffee
 16.30     Nishanth Chandran
 Actively Secure and Concretely Efficient Constant-round MPC: Beyond the Three-Party Case
 17.00 Peter Scholl  Low-Cost Constant Round MPC with BMR and Oblivious Transfer
Avishay YanaiGarbling Three-Valued Logic Circuits
 18.00 Antigoni Polychroniadou
 Lower Bounds for Information-Theoretic Secure Computation
Days End

Wednesday 5th

 09.00 Marcel Keller
 Overdrive: Making SPDZ Great Again
 10.00     Vladimir Kolesnikov  Hashing garbled circuits for free
 11.00 Coffee
 11.30  Ryo Kikuchi  MEVAL: Multiparty EVALuator System, and Fast Secure AES Computation
 12.00  Nikolaos Makriyannis  Characterizing Fairness in Secure Two-Party Computation
 12.30  Lunch  
 14.00 Manoj M Prabhakaran  Secure Protocol Transformations
 15.00     Niklas Buescher  On Compiling Boolean Circuits Optimized for Secure Multi-party Computation
 15.30     Aner Ben-Efraim  Efficient Multiparty Garbling via Key-Homomorphic PRFs
 16.00     Coffee
 16.30     Tore Frederiksen
 Committed MPC - Maliciously Secure Multiparty Computation from Homomorphic Commitments
 17.00  Sophia Yakoubov  Catching MPC Cheaters: Identification and Openability
 17.30     Oxana Poburinnaya
 Equivocating Yao: Constant-Rounds Adaptively Secure Multiparty Computation in the Plain Model
 18.00 Days End
 19.30    Conference Dinner    
 @Clifton Lido

Thursday 6th

 09.00 Marianna Raykova
 Secure Computation with RAMs: Revisiting Square Root ORAM and Low Leakage Secure Boolean Queries
 10.00     Mike Rosulek
 New Results for Garbling Arithmetic and High Fan-In Computations
 11.00 Coffee
 11.30  Arpita Patra
 Fast Actively Secure OT Extension for Short Secrets
 12.00  Xiao Wang
 Authenticated Garbling and Efficient Maliciously Secure 2PC and MPC
 12.30  Lunch  
 14.00  Peter Scholl    
 Tutorial on using SPDZ
Demo Movie:
 15.00     Roberto Trifiletti       Tutorial on using SplitCommit and DUPLO
Michael Nielsen    
 Demo of the Tiny Table protocol
 16.30       Peter Rindal    
 Improved Private Set Intersection against Malicious Adversaries
 17.00     Peihan Miao
 Laconic Receiver Oblivious Transfer And Its Applications
 17.30 Alisa Pankova
 Active Security For Sharemind
Days End

Friday 7th

 09.00     Alex J. Malozemoff  Attribute-based Key Exchange
 10.00 Patrick Ah-Fat
 Secure Multi-Party Computation: Information Flow of Outputs and Game Theory
 10.30  Anna Pappa
 Multiparty Delegated Quantum Computation
 11.30 Conference End